Imagine you could tick a box, and your AOVPN is set up with no XML skills required, is always up to date and managed through existing tools. Sound too good to be true?

We’ve developed the Dynamic Profile Configurator (DPC) service.

This is a Windows service which runs on each client device; it receives configuration via group policy (or other tools which support registry configuration) and generates the profile automatically on the device.

This enables easy administrative management, dynamic Active Directory based group management, automatic updating to Office 365 routes and more.

Key features

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Manage through Intune or Group Policy

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Respond faster to configuration needs

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No XML creation required

Screenshot 2021-10-28 153541

Automatically updated Office 365 exclusions

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Saves hours of time each month


Our pricing for DPC is banded, on a perpetual license, and includes one year of free support. There is the option to purchase additional support on a yearly basis after the initial free maintenance support is over.

DPC band pricing

Always up to date, no XML required

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